To help you build a more aligned company and impact the bottom line, In Focus creates experiences that change how your employees connect with each other, with your leadership, with customers and with consumers.
For more than 20 years, we’ve successfully helped businesses connect with their internal audiences face-to-face or virtually, on the page or on the screen, and in groups large, small, local or global.  We do more than bring people together—we inspire innovative thinking, align values, transform corporate culture, enhance loyalty, break down silos, build teams and strengthen business relationships to ensure our clients achieve their business objectives.
Our clients say it best:
we excel at helping businesses delight, engage, educate, train and connect with their employees across channels and at every level.

When it comes to meetings and events, we do it all and we do it on time, on budget and, of course, in focus. We bring a passion for innovation and collaboration to strategic planning, creative direction, content development, staging, entertainment, video production and digital support. Our clients praise our creativity and flawless execution, but they say it’s our unique ability for merging strategy, messaging and activities into experiences that transform and connect participants that really sets us apart.

Our Global Marketing Conference ranks #1 to date—thanks to a terrific partnership with In Focus. They brought our theme to life with memorable, innovative experiences that engaged our marketing leaders from around the world. In Focus incorporated storytelling, consumer immersion and digital/social media to craft a strong agenda that connected on multiple levels. They get high marks on content development, experience design and logistics management—and always worked to make sure participants felt inspired and connected.