To help you build a more aligned company and impact the bottom line, In Focus creates experiences that change how your employees connect with each other, with your leadership, with customers and with consumers.
For more than 20 years, we’ve successfully helped businesses connect with their internal audiences face-to-face or virtually, on the page or on the screen, and in groups large, small, local or global.  We do more than bring people together—we inspire innovative thinking, align values, transform corporate culture, enhance loyalty, break down silos, build teams and strengthen business relationships to ensure our clients achieve their business objectives.
Our clients say it best:
we excel at helping businesses delight, engage, educate, train and connect with their employees across channels and at every level.

Engaging with your employees doesn’t stop when your annual meeting closes and neither do we. Our talent for creating consistent, relevant and impactful internal communications across channels ensures everyone stays connected and on the same page. We can help you engage and inform employees, enhance leadership skills, build team relationships, shape culture, align values, and manage transition.

In Focus has been invaluable in helping connect our U.S. organization. After producing a number of breakthrough meetings, it became clear they could continue to help us bring employees and leadership together in new ways. It was a logical next step to engage In Focus to handle our ongoing internal communications. They designed and delivered a new strategic communications plan, with a variety of vehicles and experiences that have raised the bar on how we connect our organization from the field to headquarters and beyond.